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the path to enlightenment
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This journal is now friends only, for a variety of reasons. If you want to be added, leave a message and I'll get back to you.

Thank you for your cooperation. You will all be spared in the coming invasion.

I for one, welcome our new Drama Chipmunk overlords.

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Name: Mason
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My Wish List

When I'm 40 I will...
... own a home - a house or condo.
... have a career that I enjoy that is providing financial security for the future.
... be the driving force behind a brand of comic book/game stores.
... have a savings account holding at least a couple of month's salary.
... have investments in the stock market.
... have no outstanding credit card or other debts, and significantly paid off student loans.
... have a completely paid off car.
... own the toys I want to own.
... be regularly using fiscal management tools to govern my finances.
... have a clean home that is organized and clutter free.
... be physically fit and be getting regular exercise.
... engage in regular sporting activities that provide exercise as well as social interaction.
... enjoy the outdoors frequently.
... look good because it makes me feel good about myself, including wearing fashionable clothing and being well groomed.
... have strong relationships with my friends and family that includes regular real life contact.
... have taken Simon and Elizabeth on many adventures as the best uncle in the world.
... have traveled outside of the borders of the US for purely recreational purposes.
... have a fulfilling relationship with a beautiful, intelligent, sexual, amazing woman who loves me more than anything else in the universe.

The Four Noble Truths

1. Life means suffering.

2. The origin of suffering is attachment.

3. The cessation of suffering is attainable.

4. The path to the cessation of suffering.

The Eightfold Path

1. Right View
2. Right Intention
3. Right Speech
4. Right Action
5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration
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